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The Top 6 Best Makeup Kit Box (2020)

The top 6 best makeup kit box (2020)

The makeup kit box is a very important thing for ladies. A good or branded makeup box make girls most beautiful or attractive today I’m telling to you about top 6 makeup kit boxes in 2020

  • Pure vie 132 colors in one makeup kit box.
  • Mauve professional makeup kit box.
  • SHANY All in One Harmony Makeup Kit box.
  • SHANY The Masterpiece Makeup Kit box.
  • BR makeup kit box.
  • Makeup kits box for young girls and teenagers.

The top one is pure via 132 colors in one makeup kit box

If you want to a top-quality makeup kit box, Pure via132 color in one makeup kit box

It is the best choice for you. This kit box is perfect for makeup enthusiasts, professionals, and novices alike. This is an all in one makeup box.

It includes 94 shimmers and eye shadows, 12 different concealers, 3 face powders, 3 blushers, 2 lip liners, 2 eyeliners, and 5 eyebrow powders. There are also 3 contouring shades, to help you perfectly sculpt and define your facial features. The contour colors can also be used as a cream foundation is to match your exact skin tone.

This makeup box is a perfect choice for you.

Key features of Pure via 132 colors in one makeup box.

  • Waterproof makeup.
  • High-quality ingredients are used in this.
  • The box design is unique and it’s easy to carry with you.

Mauve professional makeup kit box


         That is a perfect and nice makeup kit box. It helps you to look more pretty.

The Mauve professional makeup kit box. Provide you everything that’s you want to get ready for any occasion.

This makeup kit has 45 pigmented matte and shimmer shades, 12 lip gloss pans, two lip gloss tubes, two eyeliners, one lipstick, and one mascara, light and medium concealer, one highlight shade, three blushes, and two bronzers. This kit is also perfect for your skin and it makes your look more pretty. The mauve professional makeup kit box has all skin tones its perfect for all skin colors.

Feature of Mauve professional makeup kit box.

  • It’s Paris designed
  • It has so many choices of colors.
  • This box has different foundations for different skin tones.


SHANY all in One Harmony Makeup Kit box.

With everything that you want this box offer quality products at a reasonable price.

Its price is $34.99

If you need perfect quality products at a good price so go and get Shany all in one harmony makeup box with a large number of variety of things.


This kit includes highly pigmented eyeshades there are 98 shimmer eyeshades, and 70 pastel eyeshades, so you’ll never run out of options! It also includes 6 lip glosses and 3 blushes. The highly pigmented colors are available in it. In this box have everything that u need.

One more impressive thing in this box it’s super easy to fold this kit box and take it with you in traveling.


SHANY All in One Harmony Makeup Kit box feature.

  • Designed in the USA.
  • Include brushes, sponges, and applicators.
  • Makeup formulated with mineral oil for a quality finish.

SHANY The Masterpiece Makeup Kit box.

SHANY The Masterpiece Makeup Kit box has 7 moveable layers it’s a very unique and that is best for professional makeup artists. This kit box price is $59.99

This kit includes 4 eyeshade palettes, 2 face palettes, and a lip palette. These all are under into a smart storage box, mean everything you need is right at your fingertips. This kit box is well designed and everything is available in this little box. The most interesting thing about this box is its size is small to other kits and it has very good quality products.

Feature of SHANY The Masterpiece Makeup Kit box has 7 moveable.

  • The kit comes in a magnetic box with built-in shelves.
  • SHANY is a member of PETA
  • Designed in the USA
  • Includes eyeshades, concealer, lip glues, and blushes.

Makeup kits box for young girls and teenagers.


This makeup kit box is designed for teenagers and young girls. one more specialty of this makeup box is the material is used in these products is special for the skin of teenage girls that’s why that is not harmful to teenagers and young girls.

In this box have eyeshades, mascara, lipstick, and many other things

Feature of makeup kit box for young girls and teenager

  • Well designed
  • Special for young girls
  • In this box have everything suitable for the skin of young girls

BR makeup kit box.

If you want everything in one palate you are in right place BR deluxe palate box is for you. BR box is a most beautiful makeup box. It has four layers and every makeup mitral is available in this small kit box.

BR box price is only $18.88

The clever design of this kit means it has an expandable, swing open layers, which everything you need to get started creating a perfect makeup looks. The 26 shades of eyeshades can be beautifully blended using blunder and compact brushes

The next layer of kit 6 shades of face powder, bronzer, and blusher, so you’re sure to find the best one for your skin tone. This layer swings away to reveal 6 lipsticks colors, from daytime nudes to vibrant pinks and reds, perfect for night time. The gives you a perfect and cute look

BR Deluxe Makeup Palette Key Features:

  • Designed in the USA
  • Integrated mirror
  • Perfect design for easy to carry


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